QuteCom is a community of enthusiasts and developers, creating free software products related to communication over IP. The flagship product of the QuteCom project is a softphone which allows you to make free PC to PC video and voice calls, and to integrate all your IM contacts in one place.

Qutecom was started by the french VoIP provider Wengo as OpenWengo.

Community best practices

This is where we will put guidelines for IRC, mailing lists, gaining access to Mercurial, becoming a translator, and other similar resources.

About QuteCom

The QuteCom softphone is written in Python, C and C++ and it uses other free and open source software projects such as :

On this site you'll find all you need to know to contribute to the the QuteCom community. To get more general information about QuteCom and the software we release, please have a look at the main QuteCom website.


The QuteCom community provides several resources that are useful for all projects that it hosts.

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